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Don’t Let this Winter Leave Your Bank Account in the Cold

Date Posted: Thursday, January 17th, 2019

Wondering why even though you turned up the heat it still feels cold in the house? Is your warm fireplace sending warm air out of your chimney? The MSC of the City of New Castle and Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation (DEMEC) would like to share a few simple tips and fixes to help you stay warm this winter and save money by saving energy.

Places like doorways and windows are some of the biggest offenders when it comes to letting cold air into your home. If you can see light coming through the space around your door, cold air is getting in. Adding new weatherstripping to the door can help close that gap. If the gap is at the bottom, you can place a blanket up against the full length of the doorway for a temporary solution. Be sure to also check your windows for cracks, gaps, or missing caulk around the frame, and don’t forget to pull down the storm window if you have one. You can use new caulk, weatherstrips, or buy plastic sheets to tape around the windows and prevent cold air from getting in. Still not sure if cold air is getting in? A simple test is to shut a sheet of paper or dollar bill in the door or window. If you can pull it out without any tension, you have cold air sneaking into your home, costing you more money…

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