The New Castle Delaware Municipal Services Commission Electric & Water Tariff

Adopted: June 6, 2006


A. Organization of the MSC

The Municipal Services Commission (formerly the Board of Water and Light Commissioners) of the City of New Castle is an agency of the Mayor and Council of New Castle, Delaware, a municipal corporation of the State of Delaware. The Commission was established by an act of the General Assembly, approved by the Governor, March 7, 1921, Volume 32, Laws of Delaware, Chapter 121, to furnish water and electric service to the residents of New Castle. The General Assembly also enacted by Volume 48, Laws of Delaware, Chapter 96, Section 1, approved by the Governor on May 11, 1951, that the Municipal Services Commission, in addition to the power and authority which it then had to distribute water within the corporate limits of New Castle, may in its discretion, supply and distribute water to Customers living within three miles of the corporate limits of the City of New Castle. Section 2 of that act provided that the Municipal Services Commission shall determine the firm or firms, corporation or corporations, to which it may supply and distribute water throughout said territory included within three miles of the boundaries of the corporate limits. In 1999, Volume 72, Laws of Delaware, Chapter 116, “An Act to Amend Chapter 121, Volume 32, Laws of Delaware, as Amended, Entitled, “An Act to Establish a Board of Water and Light Commissioners for the City of New Castle” Relating to the Designation of the Board of Water and Light Commissioners as the Municipal Services Commission, and the Authority of the Municipal Service Commission”, and in addition the Commission was granted authority to manage and operate systems for the furnishing of steam, manufactured gas, natural gas, heat, power, heating oil, and wired and wireless telecommunications or other communication services within the City of New Castle’s corporate limits. The Commission consists of three Commissioners, one appointed by the City Council, one appointed by the Mayor and one appointed by the Trustees of New Castle Common. Terms are for three years and Commissioners serve until reappointed or replaced. One Commissioner serves as President as elected annually by the Commission.


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