Financial Assistance

New Castle Cares Fund

The New Castle Cares Fund (NCCF) is a voluntary, private fund to help fixed income, the elderly, handicapped and persons with special emergency needs who have difficulty paying their electric and water bills.

The Municipal Services Commission (MSC) in agreement with the Salvation Army has established a tax deductible fund that allows you to make a contribution that can help a fellow citizen. The contributions from its customers shall be sent directly to the Salvation Army with checks payable to the New Castle Cares Fund.

The NCCF throughout the city of New Castle service area shall have sole control over the determination whether any particular applicant is an eligible beneficiary and shall receive assistance. The Salvation Army shall account for all contributions to and distributions from the NCCF in a separate account which may be audited from time to time by the MSC or its representatives.

The Salvation Army shall provide monthly reports to the MSC showing all contributions and disbursements from NCCF

Assistance is limited to one time in a twelve month period and the amount of assistance cannot exceed $400.00


During these difficult economic times, we at MSC understand that everyone needs a little financial help at times. Any customer who experiences unusual or severe circumstances that prevent them from paying their utility bills may apply for a contract installment plan. This allows the customer to make installments on their past due amount and stay on track with their payments.

  • You must apply in person at the MSC office @ 216 Chestnut St no later than 24 hours before disconnection.
  • Only names appearing on the account may file for an extension.
  • Accepting a payment arrangement deems the customer a cash customer.
  • Payment arrangements are subject to MSC approval.
  • Failure to meet the payment arrangement will result in immediate disconnection of services.

Please feel free to call with any questions or concerns: (302) 323-2330 (302) 221-4516

Social Agencies

Catholic Charities
2601 West 4th Street, Wilmington DE
(302) 654-9295

DeLaWarr State Service Center
500 Rogers Rd, New Castle DE
(302) 577-2970

Resurrection Parish
3000 Videre Dr, Skyline Ridge, Wilmington, DE
(302) 368-0146

St. Peter’s St. Vincent de Paul Society
521 Harmony St, New Castle DE
(302) 328-6589

Salvation Army
New Castle Cares Fund (NCCF)
400 North Orange Street, Wilmington DE
(302) 472-0764

Friendship House
720 North Orange Street, Wilmington DE
(302) 652-08033