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Payment Information

chkbookElectric and Water are billed monthly. Bills are mailed on or before the 1st day of the month and are due upon presentation.

For those that have established credit with the Commission with prompt payments and current balances the following methods of payment are available: Cash, Check, Money Order or Automatic Withdrawal

Automatic Withdrawal

For a quick and easy option to pay your bill, the MSC offers automatic withdrawal.

Just complete a form in the office and then your utility bill will be automatically withdrawn from your account on the 15th of every month.

The service is FREE and easy; please consider stopping by and completing a form. Remember to bring your banking information with you.

For more information on Automatic Withdrawal please contact the Commission at (302) 323-2330.

Pay Online

You can now pay your bill online at the New Castle MSC Online Payment Center (you will leave the Municipal Services Website).

Late or Delinquent Accounts:

For those customers who are late or have delinquent accounts, please contact the Commission to arrange payment schedules. Failure to make arrangements with the Commission will result in discontinuation of service. (302)323-2330.

For your convenience the Commission maintains a 24-hour drop box at its office located at 216 Chestnut Street.

The Commission has pre-addressed envelopes.

Please pick up a handful.