Date Posted: Wednesday, February 7th, 2024

Dear MSC Customer, 


We know that our citizens need a voice in spending their hard-earned money. Our forefathers understood that local control of the utilities is far better than paying an investor-owned utility whose first concern is turning a profit. Local control ensures our common goal of reliability, quality customer service, and low cost. 


  • With the 16.8% inflation over the last 3 years, utilities will need to make rate adjustments.


  • Even after our modest rate increase (average $5.71 a month), MSC currently has the second lowest residential rates in the state. 


  • On the other hand, our neighboring for-profit water utility filed for a 23.84% increase in water rates, far exceeding our rate increase.


The MSC rate consultant, Utility Financial Solutions, is a trusted industry professional who completes a comprehensive financial projection and rate design every year.  We review their results carefully.


  • MSC is always looking for efficiencies balanced with quality and reliability.


  • MSC has applied for and received state and federal assistance for the installation and maintenance of many parts of the system.


  • Most of our projects are completed in-house to ensure the cost and quality of installation.


  • The MSC has worked hard and is successfully mitigating PFAS contamination and costs.


  • MSC Staff is nationally recognized for its expertise and exhibits a can-do attitude for getting the job done for New Castle.


MSC…keeping the water and lights on since 1921. 


David Atherton

Commission President

Municipal Services Commission