Date Posted: Monday, November 13th, 2023





The Municipal Services Commission (MSC) is coming to the end of its electric and water meter replacement project. The batteries in the existing water meter communication modules have been failing. The meters still read accurately but it requires a manual read. Many customers have been providing the manual read each month but on other meters, staff has to visit the meter each month to get billing reads or estimate the read. This is a very time-consuming process for staff and an inconvenience to our customers. The new system will allow customers and staff to monitor usage to find leaks and help customers understand their usage for conservation purposes.   There are a few customers that still have not scheduled their water meter replacement.  Pursuant to MSC’s Tariff, customers are required to provide access to their premises to allow MSC and its agents to service our water meters.  Three postcards were mailed to customers by MSC’s contractor, additionally, MSC mailed a letter via USPS, added messages on customers’ bills, hung door hangers at their premises, and sent several automated phone notifications.  MSC having access to its equipment is a condition of service that customers agree to when they sign for service.


 Regrettably, on Wednesday, November 8th, MSC opted to disconnect electric service to these unresponsive customers as State Law requires premises to maintain water service for sanitary reasons. MSC must notify the City Building and Health Departments when water service is disconnected as the customer is no longer allowed to occupy the property. MSC verified that none of the customers being disconnected had a medical form on file that would limit disconnection of service. When the customer schedules their meter replacement with our contractor then calls MSC with this information, services are restored.  A majority of customers that were disconnected had scheduled an appointment and were reconnected the same day.  MSC will continue taking steps towards disconnection of water service for non-compliant customers as needed.  If you have not scheduled your meter replacement, please contact MSC’s contractor Pro Meters, Inc. at 1-866-965-0658 then contact MSC when your meter replacement is scheduled to have services restored.

Contact:         Scott Blomquist

Phone:           302-323-2330


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